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Crowd Risk Management

Risk management strategies to ensure safety and compliance

Avert Assure is an industry leader in crowd management solutions. With nearly three decades of experience in the entertainment industry the team of consultants from Avert Assure can tailor crowd management and crowd control strategies for any event – from a small studio setting to a 40,000+ multistage festival featuring leading world artists.

Crowd Management Plans developed by Avert Assure are based on international scientific research and industry proven practice taking into account legal and compliance factors as well as broad social expectations. Avert Assure consultation has overcome unique crowd management challenges faced by Australian promoters to deliver enjoyable, orderly and safe events.

Risk Management is part of the Avert Assure organisational culture and day-to-day operations. This translates in Avert Assure advanced crowd risk identification capability as well as expert knowledge of available risk controls.  An extensive amount of time is spent by Avert Assure in research of crowd behaviour under different conditions as well as research of contemporary artist performances to get an in-depth understanding of possible crowd risk scenarios.

Our consultants utilise the framework of the international Risk Management Standard (AS/NZS ISO 31000) and develop dynamic sets of options suitable for all mindsets and criteria.

Our Crowd Risk Management assessments include


Risks to crowd safety


Risk of injury due to overcrowding


Risk of injury due to crowd movements;

Crowd craze, crowd lateral movements, bottle necks, pinch points


Risk of injury due to overcrowding

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