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Emergency Wardens and Fire Wardens

Risk management strategies to ensure safety and compliance

Avert Assure provide qualified Emergency Wardens and Fire Wardens to help organisations respond effectively to emergency situations at a venue, event or workplace. Our Emergency Wardens are experienced and qualified to implement emergency procedures based on the practical assessment of hazards associated with an event or workplace and the possible consequences of a fire or other emergency situation.

Underpinning everything our Emergency and Fire Wardens do is the safety of your workers, patrons, stakeholders and the preservation of life. Avert Assure have experience in the deployment of Emergency and Fire Wardens across major sporting events, concerts, festivals, film productions, television productions, product launches, venues and workplaces.

Contact us about your requirements and learn more about how our Fire and Emergency Warden’s can assist you in the provision of a safe event or workplace.

Fire Wardens, Emergency Wardens

Our Fire Wardens and Emergency Wardens will assist with an effective response to an emergency situation. Talk to us about your requirements.

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