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Security Risk Management

Risk management strategies to ensure safety and compliance

Avert Assure offers extensive security risk management consultation (using AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 – Risk Management methodology) including comprehensive reports with strategic recommendations. We retain extensive professional expertise to assist our clients in broad security management requirements (security guarding, investigations, surveillance, technology, protection and security risk assessment).

Our Security Risk Assessments are a product of thorough investigation of existing controls and security systems, and detailed analysis of risk exposures. Recommendations are based on project scope and incorporate the most advanced approaches and techniques.

Avert Assure recognises that no two clients are the same and keeps an open mind to client needs. Security advice and consultation is issued under careful consideration of the key objectives and scope of work. The team of seasoned security consultants at Avert Assure are always ready to undertake an objective review of operations and provide timely advice on cost-effective options. A variety of solutions and services is always available through Avert Assure for all your needs.

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